Online resource for USB flash memory & related USB drive information, products, and links

Online resource for USB flash memory & related USB drive information, products, and links

USB Flash Memory

Welcome to, your most informative website for USB flash memory drives and store for the latest in portable memory storage. Here you will find lots of information about flash memory drives, USB drives and some great advice on selecting them.

USB (universal serial bus) drives are compact storage drives and connect to a PC (personal computer) by the USB port. These drives are also referred to as external hard drives or external USB drives. Almost all computers today have USB ports so you can connect these drives between various types of computers and have different computers recognize them as storage spaces.

External USB drives also go by the name pen drives, flash drives, thumb drives, and key drives. You need to be aware of a few things when considering purchasing a USB drive, starting with the capacity of your USB drive. The common sizes for thumb drives are 512MB, 1GB and 2GB, although 4GB + drives are becoming more and more popular and affordable every day.

When you are fixing on a specific size, you need to specify what you need your drive for. If you are transferring simple text files back and forth, then you don’t need a huge memory space. If you are storing or transferring your videos, music or pictures then you want to ensure you have a bigger drive to contain all your files easily.

After you have chosen the size you need for your drive, take a look at its installation process. Most USBs are self-installed with its latest configuration. Make sure you read installation instructions that come with your USB drive to ensure you are doing it properly. There are also different security features that come with USB drives, so look at the specifications to see what kind of security features are available with it.

You can also check the specifications for the read/write speed of the device if this is a concern for you. There is also a type of warranty that comes with your USB drive which will be specified in the product details. Finally, regarding the cosmetic look of your USB key, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so choose one that suits you!

Generally flash drives have about a million write or erase cycles. They are expected to have a ten year span for data retention. They have quickly replaced the floppy drive and are trying to replace DVD and CD drives by offering fast data transfer, large capacities and durability. They do not have moving parts so are hardier and more reliable.

When USB drives are installed on a machine, they take on the appearance of an additional drive, however nothing moves within the flash drive. Inside your flash drive is a circuit board inside a case that is either metal, rubber or plastic which makes it safe for carrying around without additional protection. The USB connector is usually covered by a cap or you can get a USB drive that retracts into its case.

USB drives started being sold in 2000 for commercial purposes. They started out with smaller memory spaces, and over time grew to hold bigger and bigger capacities. It is hard to put a maximum number of known flash drive capacity due to the number of rapid advances in technology.

Now that you are ready to pick out a great USB drive, have a look in our store for all the latest options in portable memory storage.

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